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Experience an unforgettable spiritual journey with our comprehensive Hajj Package for 2024. We provide shifting services that allow individuals from anywhere around the world, especially those with a Pakistani passport, to travel in comfort and convenience. Our package is designed to cater to each individual’s needs, ensuring that your spiritual journey is smooth and hassle-free.

Hajj Package Pricing

We offer various pricing options for our Hajj package to accommodate different needs. The cost per person depends on the type of room sharing selected. For quad sharing, each person is charged £7,999. For triple room sharing, the charge per person is £8,299, and for double room sharing, the cost per person is £8,599.

Early Bird Discount

We are currently offering an early bird discount of £100 for bookings made before the end of January. This is an excellent opportunity to save on your spiritual journey, so book early to take advantage of this offer.

Additional Information

We would like to highlight that there is no age limit for our Hajj Package, making it accessible to all. Furthermore, we offer VIP Maktab A Zone 1 services in Azizia, ensuring your comfort and convenience during your stay. The package is full board, meaning that all your meals are included.

Required Documents

For a seamless journey, we require certain documentation. This includes a Pakistani passport valid until at least January 2025, a valid Nadra CNIC, a copy of the same, and your contact number. We also require your white background pictures measuring 3*4cm.

Visa and Covid-19 Certification

The package includes a Hajj visa, which is essential for the pilgrimage. To ensure everyone’s safety during these unprecedented times, a Covid-19 certificate is also a must.


The package offers comfortable accommodation throughout the journey. You will spend 3-4 days in Makkah, 2 days in Azizia, 3 days in Madinah, and 5 days during the Hajj. The accommodation type is sharing, with separate arrangements for ladies and gents.


We provide luxury private buses for all intercity travel and during Hajj Mashaer days. Rest assured, your travel comfort is our priority.

Mina Service

During the days of Hajj, we offer Mina Service (Full Board), ensuring that you have all the necessary amenities during the most important days of your journey.


The Qurbani, an essential part of the Hajj, is included in our package.


The package includes an indirect flight to Saudi Arabia. The flight dates correspond with the English and Islamic dates mentioned in the package details.


As part of our package, we have also included Ziarat, an important part of the Hajj experience. This will allow you to visit and pray at significant Islamic sites.

Terms & Conditions

Please note that the company will not be responsible for any inconvenience, loss or damage(s) incurred during travel. Additionally, the passenger is liable to pay any additional charges that may be implemented by the Saudi government. Dates may vary in line with the Hijri calendar.


For your convenience, we offer easy payment options. Please contact us for more details.


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